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Emily Heysen, the founder of Inartisan, builds upon her distinctive creative vision to create these large scale acrylic & mixed media paintings.

Emily has inherited her passion for fine arts from her great-grandfather, renowned Australian landscape artists Sir Hans Heysen. Her paintings are characterised by rich pigments and bold shapes, punctuated by crisp details such as the silhouette of a branch or a dancing dotted line. Favouring abstract interior and abstract landscape scenes, Emily’s practice is complementary to the design vision of Inartisan.

The combination of sharp lines and delicate curves recalls both a vast horizon with scattered landmarks; and simultaneously, familiar shapes that elicit the sense of a welcoming home.

This play between nature and the home allows these paintings to create an atmosphere that is both warm and inviting, while also bringing a dynamic energy to the space in which they are displayed. Some of Emily’s paintings evoke movement and play, while others suggest a tranquil stillness.